I am now in the second year of my three year term as Hawes Branch Chairman which I am thoroughly enjoying. 2018 was a challenging year for most. The year started off wet followed by a bitterly cold spring which will be remembered for many years to come.

Many of us were in the thick of lambing which resulted in severe lamb and ewe losses. Everyone and everything were certainly ready for some sun on their backs! The early summer was very much welcomed but I don’t think anyone was expecting such a long dry spell which resulted in drought conditions up and down the country.


I must congratulate all our members for the stock that has been shown over the season. The quality was second to none and given the challenging season the lambs were a credit to all concerned. The positivity and enthusiasm for the breed is veryencouraging.

Hawes made the trip to the NSA Sheep Event at Malvern where we shared the stand with Skipton and Northumberland branches. The quality of stock being exhibited and the stand were excellent attracting a great deal of interest in the breed.

The branch took two, well grown top quality shearlings kindly supplied by Chris Hewitt and family, Bentham. A big thank you to them for providing these sheep.


Now to the sales starting with Hawes shearlings on 21st August

First – J.W Hall.

Second – J.W Hall.

Third – J.W & J.H Burton & Son.

Average £114 (down £21.25 on the year).

Bentham shearlings on 25th August

First – C Hewitt.

Second – D.W & D.M Elliott.

Third – C Hewitt.

Fourth – D.W & D.M Elliott.

Fifth – B.W & C Lawson.

Average £126.75 (down £13.45 on the year).

Leyburn shearlings on 7th September

First – Hannah Brown.

Second – Lowesby Farms.

Third – Tom Anderson.

Fourth – Raymond & Robert Johnson.

Average £121 (down £19 on the year)

Bentham Gimmer Lambs on 15th September

First – R & P.E Hargreaves.

Second – J Garth & Sons.

Third – W.A & A Booth.

Fourth – G Rawsthorne.

Fifth – K & A Brown.

NEMSA lambs averaged £76.79 (down £23.97 on the year) and non-members lambs averaged £66.53

Hawes Gimmer Lambs on 17th & 18th September


First – Messrs Lord.

Second – W.C Porter & Son.

Third – G & H.R Shields.

Fourth – G.P Taylor & Son.

Fifth – J & K Metcalf & Son.

Average £79.99 (down £19.45 on the year)


First – N.C Marston.

Second – W.A & A Booth.

Third – E Fairburn & Son.

Fourth – J.C & E Pedley.

Fifth – S & T Fawcett.

Average £77.63 (down £23.25 on the year)

The overall average for both days was £79.06 for

23,036 lambs (down £21.07 on the year)

Leyburn Gimmer Lambs on 21st September

First – W.C Porter & Son.

Second – Bob Dixon.

Th ird – R Tiplady & Sons.

Averaged £83.30 (down £12.50 on the year).

I think the sales reports speak for themselves but we should stay positive for 2019 and focus on keeping the quality of the mule at the highest standard. As a branch we would like to thank our auction companies for doing an excellent job of marketing our lambs.

Thank you to all the committee members for their continued hard work and commitment throughout the year.

The branch would like to send our condolences to the family of Ken Hird. Ken was a very highly regarded mule breeder and committee member who will be dearly missed.

Finally a big thank you to Shearwell Data for donating a £500 voucher to spend with them. This year it was won by Messrs Robinson, Catlow.

I wish everyone a successful year to come. Forget 2018, bring on 2019!

Will Sedgley