It has been a year since I started my time as Hawes branch chairman, and it seems to have flown by.  The spring weather set the year off to a good start with lambing for most going very well. This assured heavy crops of strong lambs. Sadly, the good weather did not continue and the majority of the summer and backend were challenging, to say the least.


I would like to congratulate all our members on the year’s show season. The quality of stock on show was second to none and the enthusiasm in the breed is very encouraging.

Open Day

The major event in Hawes Branch calendar was the open day which was kindly hosted by the Porter family at Riddings Farm, Reeth. It ended up being an excellent event with a fantastic show of stock exhibited by the Porter family. There was a large turnout of people and along with great weather made for a good atmosphere and very successful day. Nothing but positive comments came from all who attended.

I would like to thank all the sponsors who helped make the day happen, our committee members and Carol Moffat our secretary for their help and support and a special thank you to the Porter family.


Now on to the sales which took place as follows.

Hawes shearlings – 19th August
1st       JW Hall
2nd     T&G Farrow
3rd      JW Hall
Average £135.25 (down £10.75 on the year)

Bentham shearlings – 26th August
1st       GE Jackson
2nd     C Hewitt
3rd      GE Jackson
4th      Fox Farms
5th      Ron & Fran Wilson
Average £140.20 (down £4.80 on the year)

Leyburn shearlings – 1st September
1st       Hannah Brown
2nd     Robert & Raymond Johnson
3rd      Tom Anderson
4th      Hannah Brown
Average £140 (up £2 on the year)

Bentham Gimmer Lambs – 9th September
1st       G.W Whitwell
2nd     R & PE Hargreaves
3rd      WA & A Booth
4th      J Huddleston
5th      J&I Whittaker
NEMSA lambs averaged £100.76 (up £6.74 on the year) and non-members lambs averaged £98.24 11,031 lambs forward

Hawes Gimmer Lambs – 11th & 12th September Monday
1st       S Allan & Sons
2nd     JA & R Caton
3rd      G & HR Shields
4th      WA & A Booth
5th      WM Heron & Sons
13,535 lambs forward averaged £99.44

1st       E Fairburn & Son
2nd     NC Marston
3rd      WC Porter & Son
4th      M/S Lord
5th      NJ & L Allan
11,725 lambs averaged £100.88

The overall average for both days was £100.13 for 25,260 lambs (up £0.91 on the year)

Leyburn Gimmer Lambs – 15th September
1st       J & K Metcalf
2nd     DA & MA Brown
3rd      WC Porter & Son
4th      J Allinson & Sons

Averaged £95.80 (up £0.50 0n the year)

As a branch we would like to thank our auction companies for doing an excellent job of marketing our lambs.

Thank you to all the committee members for their continued hard work and support. Thank you to retiring members and welcome to new members.

Finally a big thank you to Shearwell Data for donating a £500 voucher to spend with them. This year it was won by Messers Bell, Gill Gate.

I wish everyone a successful, healthy and prosperous new year.

Will Sedgley