This is my first year as chairman for the Hawes Branch of NEMSA. The excellent spring weather set off lambing time well, with plenty of grass making everything a lot easier. The good weather continued over the summer and even over the sale days.


Firstly I would like to congratulate all our members on a successful show season this summer, with lots of entries and plenty people looking on.

Malvern NSA

Skipton and Hawes branches shared the stand at Malvern NSA event, we had the responsibility to find the Mule lambs and geld hogs for the stand. Will and I visited several farms and saw some excellent stock on the way, we decided on Gavin White’s six lambs and a Swaledale ewe with a set of mule twins at foot, and also three geld mule hogs from Chris Hewitt.

Skipton branch provided the mule yowes with lambs at foot, and these proved to be very popular with the potential buyers down at Malvern. The stand was well attended by both branch members and NEMSA members. We had an excellent day with a lot of interest from buyers old and new.

Open day

Then came the Hawes branch open day at Woodend Farm, Redmire, courtesy of the Willoughby family, the day was a huge success with a large attendance seeing people from all over the country. I have a few thank you’s: firstly to the all the sponsors which helped make the day happen, the committee members for their hard work to make the day run successfully, Gillian Sedgley and Carol Moffat for scoring the stock judging cards. And an especially big thank you to the Willoughby family.


Kicking off with Hawes shearlings on the 19th of August; 1st J W Hall Darnbrook, 2nd J W Hall Darnbrook, 3rd N & R J Sunter, Healaugh, Average £132.16

Bentham on the 30th of August; 1st G E Jackson, 2nd Ron & Fran Wilson, 3rd F Brennand, 4th C Hewitt, 5th Ron & Fran Wilson, Average £147.84

Leyburn on the 5th September; 1st Hannah Brown, 2nd John Bell, 3rd Stephen Hutchinson, 4th Hannah Brown, Average £153 up £17 on the year.

On to the Gimmer Lambs – Bentham on the 13th of September

With a very good show of well presented lambs, show results were: 1st K A Brown & Son, 2nd N J & L Allan, 3rd W A & G R Sedgley, 4th J D Whitfield,  5th C & J E Willoughby Nemsa lambs averaging £100.35 – up £2.23 on the year. With 10,229 brought forward.

Hawes on the 15th and 16th of September Monday There was an excellent show with 24 pens out and the results were: 1st WA & A Booth, 2nd WA & A Booth, 3rd S Allan, 4th J T Millman, 5th WA & GR Sedgley, Averaging £99.83 on 14,090 brought forward.

Tuesday With 14 pens of quality lambs out to show and the results were: 1st Messers Lord, 2nd G & HR Shields, 3rd Messers Fairburn, 4th Messers Lord, 5th NJ & L Allan, averaging £99.62 on 12,394 brought forward, with the overall average down £3 on the year.

Leyburn on the 19th September, the show results were: 1st J Allison & Sons, 2nd David and Tim Brown, 3rd Robert and David Wallis, 4th Wallburn Hall Farms, the average was £105.14 up £4.92 on the year.

Hawes second sale on the 29th September Show results were: 1st Alan Lodge, 2nd J & SE Bainbridge, 3rd J Allison and Sons, the average was £90.27 up £14.64 on the year.

As a branch we must thank the expertise of the auction marts for marketing our lambs. A big thank you to all our members for presenting their lambs so well and the quality just seems to get better and better.

I would like to thank all the committee members for their continued support. And a special thank you goes to Michael Barker a past chairman of the Hawes branch and treasurer for the main society who has retired from the committee, we appreciate all the hard work he has done for the Hawes branch.

On behalf of the Hawes branch I would like to thank Val Brown who has retired from her role as secretary, we all appreciate Val’s hard work to keep the branch running smoothly. And I would like to welcome our new secretary Carol Moffat, who is my youngest daughter so I am sure we will get along fine. Finally Shearwell Data donated stick readers in a raffle for each of the NEMSA branches and the Hawes Branch winner was Messer Banks, Walden.

Brian Horner