I don’t know where the last three years have gone but the time has come for me to write my final report as branch Chairman. Every year the weather is different, starting with an open winter, a good lambing time and grass throughout the summer and a dry September for getting our Gimmer lambs ready for sale.

Throughout the year we have had 5 well attended branch meetings. The first event that the Skipton Branch represented NEMSA at was South Sheep on the 28th June at Lewes, East Sussex, near Brighton, John and Claire Mason went on the long journey south.

The sheep for the stand , a Mule Ewe with twins and a Mule Shearing with a single loaned by Tom Gribble of Beddingham, this was a well attended event with around 1200 visitors. Then in conjunction with the Hawes Branch the next event for us was Malvern held on 30th July, I think this is the main sheep promoting bi-annual event for sheep breeds.

We selected a mule ewe with twin lambs from AL Dean & Son, Threshfeild and 2 mule hoggs with single lambs from John Wilson & Janet Dunning, Settle. A good stand with the new raised Hexagon Pen which created a lot of interest, and showed the sheep off to great advantage, it was a busy day and thanks to all the people who came to help on the stand.

Before the sales at Skipton, Sam Bradley, CCM Auctioneer, visited local breeders, on our behalf, to make our 2nd Mule Gimmer Sale Promotional film to go on Utube, which has been well received by it’s many viewers.

First Sale 9th September 8194 entered, 23 pens of 10 presented for judging and 12 pens of 20 presented, realizing an average of £99.88 [down £2.12 on the year].

Pens of 10

1 -W A and A Booth, Feizor

2 – S and T Fawcett, Drebley

3 – J K Wilson, Blubberhouses

4 – A Caton, Otterburn

5 – Ellis Bros, Addingham Moor

6 – K A and H L Fawcett, Barden

Pens of 20

1  – WA & A Booth, Feizor

2-  A Caton, Otterburn

3 – J K Wilson, Blubberhouses

4 – Ellis Bros, Addingham Moor

5 – A Caton, Otterburn

6 – S & T Fawcett.

Drebley Ellis Brothers won the prize for the best run of lambs judged by the inspectors from West Cumbria.

Second sale 23rd September 8201 were presented and sold to an average of £92.11 [£3.44 up on the year], and thanks to the inspectors who came from Weardale.

Pens of 10

1 -W A and A Booth, Feizor

2 – J K Wilson, Blubberhouses

3 – Ellis Bros, Addingham Moor

4 – K A and H L Fawcett, Barden

5 – F A Caton, Weston

6 – J C and N Throup, Draughton

Pens of 20

1  – Ellis Bros, Addingham Moor

2 – A Lodge, Malham

3 – C D & R F Kitching, Threshfield

4  – A Lodge, Malham

5 – W P & B Walker, Appletreewick

6 KM & L Throup, Silsden.

On the 11th November at the NEMSA meeting the Shearwell Prize Draw of the Stick Reader was made and the Skipton branch winner was Miles Greenwood from Stanbury. Thanks must go to our sponsors Chris Pearson, Armstrong Watson and Barclays Bank for their sponsorship over the past year, the Auctioneers and Staff at Craven Cattle Mart for their continued support.

I would like to thank all the Committee members for their support and help over the past three years and Claire Mason our secretary for her dedication and hard work. Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson