2018 was a challenging year weather wise. With a wet start to the year followed by a hit from ‘the beast from the east’ in lambing time, before going on to be one of the driest summers on record. Overall this made it one of the most diffi cult seasons in sheep farming I have ever seen.

Shows – Some of our Skipton branch members attended NSA Malvern Sheep Event, NSA South Sheep and Thame Sheep fair this year. It was good to speak with both new and existing NEMSA customers.

First Sale

With much uncertainty leading up to the first sale, we were more than happy with the sale average per head coming to £91.22. The show was very well supported, and lambs were turned out in good order. Thank you to Mr J.H Tustian and Mr G.E Jackson for judging the pens of 10 and Mr L.A.J England and Mr A Jackman for judging the pens of 20.

Pen of 10

First – J.K Wilson.

Second – W.A & A Booth.

Th ird – C.D& R.F Kitching.

Pen of 20

First – W.A & A Booth.

Second – J.A & R Caton.

Th ird – F.A Caton.

Second Sale

The second sale had an overall average of £71.72 per head, a reasonable trade on the year. This was expected due to the drought continuing in the south of the country, leading to limited grazing for sheep. Th ank you to Mrs M Watkinson and Mrs J Broughton for judging the pens of 10 and Mr S Chapman and Mr W Gore Brown for judging the pens of 20.

Pen of 10

First – J.C Walker & Son.

Second – K.A & H.L Fawcett.

Third – J.K Wilson.

Pen of 20

First – C.D & R.F Kitching.

Second – J.K Wilson.

Third – K.M & L Th roup .

As a branch we would like to thank all at CCM Auctions for their continued support. Thank you to all the committee members for their hard work throughout the year and also Claire Mason our secretary for all of the work she does. I would also like to thank Shearwell Data for the donation of a £500 voucher, which this year was won by C.D & R.F Kitching.

I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Frank Kitching