West Cumbria

As a branch we have done similar too previous years. We started at Thame. We need to thank Graham and Brian Whitfield for providing the sheep for the stand. A two day sale seemed to help the north of England mule trade. Nemsa shearlings where selling for a stronger trade, than none nemsa shearlings.

Our area sale’s results are; firstly Longtown with an entry of 8663 of lowland sheep. Judged by Mr Bowe of Calvo. Ex-swale Champion – T Davidson, Bellmount, Second – W M and C Wallace, Gapshields, Third – Messrs Telford, High Park Foot.

Ex-Blackface First – W & B Nichol, Lawston, Second – R & C Leach, Third – Craig Farm, Craigs

The sale averaged £90.69, down 20p on the year.

The next day was Hopes with 4550 lambs. Judged by Julie Brough and Julie Sedgewick. First – Messrs. Lee, Morley Hill, Second – Messrs, W Ridley, Woodhall, Third – Messrs, Emmott, Wythop Hall. The sale averaged £98.14, down £3.65

The next sale was Carlisle with 5350 lambs. Judged by Andrew Geary and Julie Brough. First – J T James, Midtodhills, Second and Third – J W Smith-Jackson, Hightown. Sale Average £102.97, with NEMSA lambs averaging £108.96 up 22p and none-NEMSA lambs averaging £98.10 down £1.28

Finally, Mitchells with 8865 lambs. Judged by Mr, A Burgess and Mr D Mattinson. Champion – N. Marston, Millstone Moor, Second – A G and K F Nicholson, Swinside, Third – J Ireland and Son, Stockhow Hall. Sale Average £98.02 up £3.02 on the year.

Finally I would like to thank Judith Emmott for all her continual hard work as secretary

Richard Marrs